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Yeongsanpo’s Hongeo street

두장이 사진으로 홍어로 만든 음식로 구성된 상차림과 홍어이미지 입니다.
The taste of piquant

Yeongsanpo Hongeo (Fermented Skate) Street

두장이 사진으로 홍어로 만든 음식로 구성된 상차림과 홍어이미지 입니다.

In the past the skates caught from Heuksan Island were transported along the Yeongsan River for a week and naturally became fermented, developing the unique flavor of hongeo. Hongeo is now a well-known health food that represents Jeolla Province.

홍어로 만든 음식

Yeongsanpo is hongeo town. This is the food that has been eaten for generations whenever important guests come to call and during big events like weddings, birthdays or funerals. It is so highly valued that people won’t acknowledge a party feast as great if there isn’t hongeo on the table.


There are 30 restaurants that specialize in hongeo around Yeongsanpo. The pungent skate served with boiled pork slices and kimchi has become known as the famous dish hongasamhap. It doesn’t get any better than having a bit of rice wine with it! Yeongsanpo hongeo is credited as a health food. It can be enjoyed in variety of ways: raw, spicy, steamed, or boiled. Hongeo organ soup is a food you can only try in Naju.

  • Location
    • Near the docks of Yeongsan-dong, Naju-si
  • Transportation
    • Yeongsanpo Terminal -> Yeongsanpo Girls Middle School -> Yi Chang-dong Center -> Yeongsanpo Post Office and go straight (about 300 m)
    • Yeongsanpo three-way intersection -> Yeonggand-dong Center -> Yeongsan Bridge and go straight