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Naju’s Gomtang street

나주곰탕과 깍두기 한숟가락

Naju Gomtang Street

나주곰탕과 깍두기 한숟가락

Naju gomtang is the most popular meat dish of South Jeolla Province. It is a nourishing meal that everyone likes to eat that is made by boiling broth with lean beef and bones in a big pot for a long time, and then eating after adding steamed rice.

Why is Naju Gomtang Famous?

나주곰탕과 깍두기 한숟가락

Compared to normal gomtang that uses cow bones for its broth, Naju gomtang is less greasy and has a clean taste because lean beef is used instead and it has fewer bones. Also, the broth contains a good amount of radishes, green onions and garlic to reduce the smell of fat and increase its nutrients. After pouring the hot broth over rice a little at a time to heat it up, add some egg slices, green onions and beef slices on the top to make it more flavorful.

The taste of gomtang with cold kimchi and kkakdugi stands up to any other delicacy. Adding kkakdogi juice to the broth also tastes nice, as does having it with a little soju and boiled beef slices.

나주 곰탕거리내의 유명한 곰탕음식점 외부전경

The street is located near the Geumseonggwan, the location tourists visit the most. There are many old restaurants like the Hayanjip, Noan Gomtang, Nampyeong Halmae Gomtang.